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Applaws Cat Food Dry Chicken 400g

Brand: Applaws
SKU: 21194
Applaws Dry cat food is a unique feline complete diet for cats that simulates the natural diet of a cat in the wild but in a dry form. Cats are carnivores and their digestive system is adapted to thrive on a diet such as Applaws dry which is high in natural animal proteins and without the high level of carbohydrates and cerealsfound in most other dry pet foods. Applaws is designed to be naturally hypo-allergenic by excluding common allergens such as soya beans,wheat,maize and other cereals.
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Applaws Cat Food Dry Salmon 400g

Applaws Adult Cat Salmon 400g Applaws is a complete dry cat food specially formulated for the health and wellbeing of adult cats. Applaws is made with 80% protein-rich chicken and salmon and is 100% grain free making it low in carbohydrate encouraging the development of lean muscle tissue and promoting healthy weight for your cat.