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Back On Track

Back on Track is the name of a range of high quality Alternative Holistic Healthcare Products, developed in Sweden, designed to provide therapy and well-being.

Almost all Back on Track® products are manufactured using functional textiles (Welltex™ and Iontex®). The unique Welltex™ ceramic infused material (a technically advanced woven fabric, in which minute ceramic particles bonded into the fibres), that reflects the wearer's body heat as FAR Infrared energy - a proven therapy that penetrates through the skin to the subcutaneous tissues and joints, warming up the muscles and connective tissues, thereby assisting in lessening the risk of strains/injury, promoting healing & recovery from injuries, diminishing discomfort, increasing circulation and reducing swelling/inflammation.

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Back On Track P4G Welltex Tape Black 5m

For riders, athletes, dog walk­ers and for everyone else, the Back on Track Performance Gear line has brought a ceramic infused tape to the market. The Welltex® infused tape follows the movement of the skin, and provides increased circulation on places that braces normally does not reach or stay on, and is therefore an ideal product to have at hand.