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In 1832, Battles first started manufacturing agricultural products in Lincoln - 185 years later, we are still going from strength-to-strength providing a range of poultry, agricultural and equine products. They also manufacture their our own label brands; Battles, Battles Poultry, Companion, Dermoline, Hy, Hydrophane, Lincoln & Super Codlivine.

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Battles Poultry Antibacterial Powder 20g

An effective antibacterial preparation for application to minor wounds and scratches on poultry.

Battles Poultry Louse Powder 750g

It contains Permethrin which is effective against mites and lice and can be applied to bedding and housing for quick results. This product is not intended for use directly on the animal.

Battles Poultry Spice 450g

A mineral supplement to give to poultry to improve all round condition and performance. Will help to keep condition on during cold weather. Easy to use just add to their daily ration.

Battles Red Mite Powder 500g

Gives lasting protection against mites and lice. Containing a new generation insect repellent this product can be applied directly onto the bird.

Battles Rooster Booster 125g

Contains a wide range of key vitamins, amino acids and trace elements together with a probiotic for maintaining overall health and vitality in poultry. Particularly beneficial during moulting and the cold winter months.

Battles The Hen Pecker 285g

A nutritious treat for all poultry. Will help relieve boredom. Contains wheat, maize and grit. Comes with a safe plastic hook so that it can be easily hung up.