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Burwood Vits & Minerals 3kg

Burwood Vits and Mins has been designed to help support the immune system and support general wellbeing by providing essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytochemicals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, enzymes, omega fatty acids and plant sterols, all sourced from natural super food ingredients.

Burwood Turmeric 3kg

Burwood Turmeric Key advantages are: • Joint support • Aids Digestive function • Highly Palatable Burwood Turmeric contains the highest quality Curcumin which has become an increasingly popular feed additive for horse owners due to its well known soothing properties. Turmeric has been found to support joints, digestion and skin so has multiple health benefits to horses and ponies.

Burwood Garlic Granules 3kg

Garlic has been shown to support the respiratory and digestive system.

Burwood Garlic Granules 1kg

Garlic has been shown to support the respiratory and digestive system.

Burwood Spearmint 1kg

• Natural feed appetiser • Digestive aid

Burwood Biotin 2kg

Burwood Biotin provides nutritional support for the maintenance of Healthy Hooves.

Burwood Hoof Form 870g

Burwood Hoof Form has been specifically formulated to help support horn and hoof quality, strength and growth. The natural ingredients have been carefully chosen to balance each other, acting in a complete harmony to achieve optimum health.

Burwood Boswellia 900g

Burwood Boswellia helps to support digestion and mobility.

Burwood Pure Msm 1kg

• Natural Soft Tissue Support • A natural way to top up Sulphur in the diet • Highly Palatable

Burwood Linseed Meal 3kg

Burwood Linseed Meal comes ready prepared for feeding and adding straight into your horses feed. Cooked Ground Linseed is a Rich source of Fatty Acids such as Omega 3, 6 and 9 and is High in Natural Anti-Oxidants.

Burwood Brewers Yeast 3kg

Burwood Brewers Yeast will help support the digestive system, immune system, nervous system, skin and coat condition.

Burwood Soya Oil 5ltr

Burwood Soya Oil will help promote excellent skin health and coat condition. Soya Oil will help to increase stamina alongside a regular fitness regime due to its slow release energy content.