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Chudleys Dog - Duck with Rice & Vegetables 15kg

Sporting - Premium performance diet for working and sporting dogs Chudleys Duck with Rice & Vegetables is a naturally hypoallergenic diet for adult dogs that require moderate energy levels, ideal for both working and sporting dogs that have lighter workloads that require bursts of energy. The diet contains a unique package for the maintenance of healthy joints, immune system support and an improved coat condition. Delicious recipe with extra duck, rice & vegetables Naturally Hypoallergenic Digestion and immune support Glucosamine and green lipped mussel to provide nutritional support of the musculoskeletal system and promote mobility Contains a unique blend of QLC antioxidants, plus our coat condition supplement Includes salmon oil - a great source of omega 3 fatty acids for the support of learning and mobility A combination of carnitine, key vitamins and calories from fat helps the dog get the most from his diet for working performance. Made in the UK VAT free

Chudleys Puppy/ Junior 12kg

LIFESTAGE - A Puppy/Junior diet developed for the next generation of working dog Enhances your puppy's development throughout the growing period, ensuring your puppy can fulfil his potential. Appropriate for all sizes of working dogs Ideal as puppy's first food from 2-3 weeks old, right through to adulthood* Contains nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids to help support neural development and learning Natural antioxidant and herb package for health and well-being, plus prebiotics to help support gut health and development Wheat gluten free recipe Provides moderate energy levels to encourage growth * The age at which a puppy reaches adulthood will depend on breed

Chudleys Dog - Lamb Sensitive 15kg

Lifestage - A functional diet for adult working dogs The ideal feed for adult working dogs that have a tendency towards 'delicate' digestive systems. Hypoallergenic Wheat gluten, soya and egg free recipe: ingredients that are commonly reported to cause digestive upsets Contains dietary fibre sources, prebiotics and specially-selected herbs to help maintain intestinal health and stability Contains QLC, our unique natural blend to enhance your dog's antioxidant status, plus a nutrient package to promote a glossy coat and skin No added artificial colours or flavours

Chudleys Ferret 15kg

Tasty, chicken rich recipe, specially formulated to meet the exact nutritional requirements of adult ferrets Packed with all of the key vitamins, mineral and trace nutrients necessary for a happy healthy ferret Convenient alternative to fresh meat Can be fed to younger ferrets when moistened

Chudleys Dog - Salmon with Rice & Vegetables15kg

Sporting Our tasty salmon recipe is ideal for adult working dogs during the rest phase or when in lighter work. Added glucosamine and green lipped mussel to help provide nutritional support for joints Contains QLC, antioxidant package, plus a nutrient package to promote a glossy coat Includes salmon oil - a great source of omega 3 fatty acids for the support of learning and mobility A combination of carnitine, key vitamins and calories from fat help the dog to get the most from his diet for working performance Contains dietary fibre sources and prebiotics for nutritional support of the intestine

Chudleys Dog - Classic 15kg

CLASSIC Heritage - An everyday working diet A traditional, proven recipe for dogs with a lower workload. High-quality protein to support muscle mass and performance Enhanced vitamins, amino acids and trace nutrient levels to aid performance, recovery and stamina Contains QLC, antioxidant package Nutritional support for the digestive system and heart, plus our coat condition supplement for a healthy shine Delicious savoury flavour and appetising aroma for consistent meal consumption

Chudleys Dog - Lite 15kg

Lifestage - a lighter option for adult working dogs A reduced calorie diet which is ideally suited to dogs that easily gain weight or have a tendency to be overweight. Contains carnitine to help utilise fat reserves for energy and help support weight management The blend of functional fibres and slowly-digested carbohydrates help to support that 'fuller' feeling for your dog during weight control, consequently helping to reduce hunger pangs With QLC antioxidants and enhanced key vitamin levels to meet your dog's needs for nutrients whilst on low calorie intakes

Chudleys Rabbit - Royale 15kg

RABBIT ROYALE Best-selling complete muesli, ideal for growing & adult rabbits Tasty wholesome mix of pellets, cereals & forage With added herbs and vegetables for an appetising aroma Good levels of beneficial fibre (32%) and prebiotics to help support digestive health Feed in addition to clean, dust free long fibre such as hay to a happy healthy rabbit

Chudleys Dog - Original 15kg

ORIGINAL Heritage - An everyday muesli diet for working dogs Our best-selling muesli diet, designed for dogs in light work, during rest periods or for those that maintain weight easily. Ideal for fussy eaters Contains QLC, antioxidant package Designed to help support stamina and recovery Nutritional support for the digestive system, with prebiotics and natural fibre sources Promotes improved coat condition and a healthy shine

Chudleys Dog - Working Crunch 15kg

WORKING CRUNCH Heritage - Ideal for gundogs and active working dogs To help support stamina and recovery after a busy day. Increased fat and high-quality protein to support performance Joint care package and omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy musculoskeletal system Nutritional support for the digestive system, skin and coat QLC, our unique natural blend of antioxidants, helps to 'mop-up' excess free radicals, promoting recovery and supporting your dog's immune system Contains taurine and carnitine for a healthy heart and enhanced fat utilisation for stamina

Chudleys Dog - Senior 15kg

SENIOR Helping Hand Designed to provide for the changes in your dog's nutritional needs as he gets older. Especially formulated for older working dogs from approximately seven years old* Adjusted flavour profiles to combat reducing senses of taste and smell and maintain appetite Green lipped mussel and herbs provide nutritional support for the musculoskeletal system and mobility Functional fibres promote intestinal well-being Contains our coat condition supplement for a healthy shine and taurine for a healthy heart QLC and carnitine provide nutritional support for antioxidant status and maintenance of cognitive function * The age at which your dog becomes 'senior' will depend on their breed