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Colonels Black Sunflower Seed 12.75kg

Brand: Colonels
SKU: 3713
Bartholomews Colonels® Black Sunflower Bird Seed is great for feeding to birds all year round, with a high oil content for good nutrition whilst having been cleaned for increased quality.
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Rokers Sunflower Hearts, also known as white sunflower seeds, are bakery grade kernels produced from black oil sunflower seeds. This means they are from the sunflower which contains the highest levels of oil and therefore energy rather than the confectionery grade hearts which are mainly taken from medium and large striped sunflower seeds. Our sunflower hearts are also put through a sortex machine which uses lasers to colour detect any black husk still remaining, producing a uniform and totally husk free sample.
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High quality wild bird feed, for table, feeders and ground. Designed to attract a range of different birds to your garden. No Mess wild bird seed High quality ingredients Millet, chopped peanut, groats, canary seed, maize grits, sunflower hearts, red dari, raisins, hemp, white dari, oanicum millet, niger, japanese millet, safflower, mealworms, soya oil

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