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Copdock Mill

Established in 1912 by Herbert George Gladwell, Copdock Mill originally started as a country mill. The family tradition continues today, whilst diversifying to produce and supply premium quality animal food supplies and accessories to customers nationwide.

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Copdock Mill Jolly Roger Rabbit 12.5kg

Alfalfa, Rabbit Pellets (Cereal), Rabbit Pellets (Alfalfa), Wheat Discs, Locust Beans, Flaked Beans, Flaked Maize, Flaked Peas, Soya Bean Oil, Whole Oats.

Copdock Mill Peanut Chopped 20kg

Peanut kernels crushed into bite sized pieces Enjoyed by many birds including robins & blackbirds High energy food source

Copdock Mill Monkey Nuts 11.3kg

Monkey nuts - or peanuts in their shells, are the best squirrel food if you want to enjoy these creatures playing and feeding in the garden. You can also try hanging a few from a string in a tree for the tits to play with. Watch them hang from the cord and chip their way through the shells to steal the contents.

Copdock Mill Guinea Pig 12.5kg

Copdock Mill Guinea Pig Vitamin C Mix is created for pet guinea pigs. This mix is a tasty complementary food for guinea pigs is high in Vitamin C.

Medium Sunflower Seed 12.75kg

Medium Sunflower Seeds are high in essential oils and protein. They are also a good source of energy for wild birds.

Copdock Mill Millet Spray Box 15kg

Lets you bird pick and peck, ideal for birds from canaries to cockatiels and more.