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Seven Dog - Canine Optimal Oil 500ml

The finest blend of cold pressed oils for dogs. Vitality Joints Coat & Skin Rich in Omega 3-6-9

GWF Nutrition Joint Aid For Dogs 2kg

Joint Aid for Dogs is a high specification joint and muscle supplement with glucosamine for dogs, designed to aid freedom of movement.

GWF Nutrition Joint Aid for Dogs 500g

Joint Aid for Dogs is a high specification joint and muscle supplement with glucosamine for dogs, designed to aid freedom of movement.

Fish 4 Dogs Dog - Salmon Oil 500ml

Salmon oil is a pure natural fish oil made from the finest Norwegian Salmon and provides high levels of EPA and DHA, ideal for those dogs needing that little bit extra care and attention. The high levels of natural Omega 3 found in Fish4Dogs Salmon Oil is known to hydrate dry, itchy skin, aid joint mobility, soothe cracked paws and maintain a lustrous, glossy coat. Salmon Oil can be used in addition to usual food, drizzled over the top or mixed in. Can also help aid the palatability of existing food.

Johnsons One Dose Easy Wormer Size 2 2 Tab

A single dose treatment of Johnsons One Dose Easy Wormer Size 2 to kill both roundworms and tapeworms in medium breeds of dogs from 6-20kg.

Company of Animals Clix CarSafe Small

Designed by Dr Roger Mugford, the CLIX CarSafe harness has been developed to provide maximum safety, comfort & protection for your dog in the car and whilst walking. 

Beaphar Lactol Puppy Milk 250g

Lactol formula is ideal for: orphaned and non-weaned animals. Lactol can be used as a complementary feed for weaning puppies, newborns with too much litter, pregnant or lactating females and for sick or recovering dogs

Johnsons One Dose Easy Wormer Size 3 (4 Tabs)

Johnsons One Dose Easy Wormer Size 3 is a single dose treatment to kill both roundworms and tapeworms in larger breeds of dogs and their puppies over 8 weeks old weighing 6-40kg.

Hatchwell Granulated Charcoal 150g

Granulated charcoal can be added to your pets food to reduce bad breath.Activated Charcoal is highly absorbent material traditionally used for detoxifying the body. Since its such a porous material it can absorb and strongly bind harmful substances and foreign materials allowing them to be passed safely through the gut.Adding dentifresh charcoal to your pets diet can help control bad breath aid proper digestion and reduce flatulence.

Kong Cushion Recovery Collar Medium

The KONG cushion provides relaxing comfort for pets during recovery and its easy-clean material appeals to pet parents. This inflatable, air-cushioned collar for injuries, rashes, and post-surgery is fully adjustable. KONG Cushion offers better range of motion than a traditional cone and will not interfere with pets’ eating or drinking. Neck circumference 10-13"

Molar Plaque Off 180g

Plaque Off is an easy way to keep your pets teeth clean and problem-free. How it works The ingredients in Plaque Off work by being absorbed into your pets saliva and dissolving plaque. This simple formula contains no artificial colours, preservatives, gluten or sugar so its good for their whole bodies, not just their gums and teeth. Key features made from all natural ingredients comes in a granulated formula that makes it easy to add to your pets food without them noticing for fuss-free treatment. When to use it Plaque forms on teeth just hours after eating and not only causes terrible breath, but also quickly becomes a breeding ground for germs. When it mixes with the salt in your dog or cats saliva, it hardens into tartar becoming even harder to remove and pushes up the gums, exposing the root of the tooth. This makes your pets teeth very sensitive and can cause them significant pain. Bacteria can also travel from your pets mouth to other areas of the body through the bloodstream, causing issues in the heart, liver and kidneys. Signs that your pet is struggling with plaque build-up include bad breath, brown marks around the gums and obvious discomfort your dog or cat may flinch if you touch their gums or they might even bleed.

Molar Plaque Off 60g

PlaqueOff is added to food and controls plaque in cats and dogs, and is effective against bad breath and tartar. PlaqueOff is made from a specially selected and clinically tested arctic ocean alga, Ascophyllum nodosum. Free from artificial colours, preservatives, gluten and sugar, ProDen PlaqueOff Animal contains nearly all the elements of the periodic table as well as other beneficial proteins and vitamins and is easily absorbed through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. When the unique agents of the product reach the saliva, they effectively prevent oral bacteria from producing plaque, tartar and gum disease by disrupting the biofilm and affecting the ability of plaque to ‘stick’ to surfaces in the mouth.