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Johnsons Cockatiel Treat 2 Eat Cockatiel Single

Nut & Honey Bars for Cockatiel & Parrots. A big natural treat for Cockatiels and Parrots, made with selected seeds, nuts and cereals, all enriched with honey.50g.

Rosewood Parrot Woodroll

A fantastic thick woodroll filled with carrots, peanut and coconut Includes a metal chain and claps. Ideal for spring, summer and autumn feeding made only from 100% natural ingredients. Naturals treats especially for birds! Made using 40 different fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, vegetables and grains, they provide the natural, healthier and more appealing option. Suitable for all species of parakeets and parrots.

Johnsons Cockatiel Bell Nut & Honey 50g

A natural and wholesome treat with selected seeds, nuts & cereals. Enriched with honey. 50g

Vitakraft Budgie Kiwi & Citrus Kracker 2 Pack

Vitakraft Budgie Kracker Sticks are specifically formulated for Budgies, providing balanced nutrition and helping to keep your bird’s beak trim.

Johnsons Parrot Bumper Bar 175g

Extra-large sized treat bars. Wholesome treat with selected seeds, nuts etc. Enriched with honey. 175g

Johnsons Fruity Biscuits

A tasty & healthy treat for all types of pet birds. e.g. Budgerigars, canaries, cockateils & finches etc. Made with whole egg, cereals & wild berries. 35g

Vitakraft Budgie Kracker Kiwi Orange Banana

Vitakraft is the original kracker stick for caged birds. Vitakraft Budgie Kracker Triple Pack: Orange and Apricot, Kiwi and Citrus, Sesame and Banana.