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Dugdale Davies

Dugdale Davies Pet Treats Ltd. We are one of the UK’s largest distributors of natural dog treats, supplying a high quality product which is now sold Nationwide and into Europe.

Our range is produced using only the finest natural ingredients at the premises of our partners in Ireland.

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Dugdale Davies Dog - Roast Knuckle Bone

Dugdale Davies Roast Knuckle Bones is a premium beef bone product, full of mouth watering flavour that your dog will absolutely love.Each knuckle has been slowly dry roasted to retain the water content and stop the bone from becoming dry. The state of the art, moisture controlled ovens at Dugdale Davies help to ensure that the product has an excellent shelf life, so that this delicious treat is ready and waiting for your dog to savour at anytime. Cooked in moisture controlled ovens to prevent excess dryness A delicious treat for your dog