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Anco Naturals Dog - Rawhide Dental Chips 300g

Brand: Farmfood
SKU: 70705
Anco Rawhide Chips - 300g For Clean Teeth & Fresh Breath! 100% Pure & Natural without artificial substances! No Chemical Antioxidants No Artificial Fragrances No Artificial Flavours No Artificial Colours No Preservatives Fully Digestible Non Allergic Gluten Free We do not bleach our Rawhide!
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Seven Dog - Adult Pork with Sweet Potato & Apple Grain Free 12kg

50% Pork Rich in amino acids, vitamins & minerals, pork is a delicious source of protein that your pet will love! No added grain This recipe is designed to be suitable for those with grain intolerance/sensitivity. Sweet Potato An excellent alternative to grains, sweet potato is a complex carbohydrate high in B vitamins. Minimum 26% Freshly Prepared Pork A natural, traditionally sourced and highly digestible protein source. Added Omega 3 Supplement An excellent source of EPA & DHA to support cognitive function, visual development and help to reduce the inflammation response. No added artificial colours or preservatives.

Canagan Dog - Free Range Chicken 6kg

REE-RANGE CHICKEN FOR ALL LIFESTAGES Canagan Free-Range Chicken is a special grain free dog food formulated by our experts to deliver nutrition, close to their ancestral diet, with the correct ratio of protein to carbohydrate and a host of vegetables and botanicals. This carefully balanced, nutrient dense formula will excite your dog's taste buds and give them the abundance of highly digestible protein demanded by their evolutionary needs.

Agrivite Poultry Grit Oyster Shell 1.2kg

A form of soluble grit with a slow rate of calcium release. This should be fed whenever you are looking for strong, good quality and consistent egg shells. It also increases the bone strength of the bird.

Burgess Adult Dog - Supa Greyhound & Lurcher 12.5kg

Burgess Grehound & Lurcher Rich in Chicken is specifically designed for the needs of these dogs as pets, the majority which will have come from a rescue centre. We have added in some great functional ingredients to help them stay happy and healthy. Plus, for every sack purchased we donate 20p to Greyhound and Lurcher rescue centres. Greyhound & Lurcher Chicken can be fed from 12 months. Glucosamine to help stiff joints and great for overworked legs Omega 3 is beneficial in helping temperature regulation and promoting a glossy coat and healthy skin Prebiotics to help digestive health Protein is deliberately at a slightly lower level as required by pet greyhounds and lurchers. Too much protein may cause anxiety and hyperactivity Carbohydrate is a balance of maize and locally sourced wheat for sustainable energy Free from artificial flavours and colours No added preservatives