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Fold Hill

We pride ourselves on making delicious and wholesome dog food.

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Fold Hill Dog - Mixer 15kg

Our Fold Hill Mixer Meal for dogs is specially formulated so that when it is mixed with fresh (raw or cooked meat) or canned dog meat, it will provide a fully balanced nutritional diet for dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages. Made on our family farm in Lincolnshire from start to finish, our Fold Hill Mixer Meal is made with whole wheatmeal for fibre, natural oils for shiny and glossy coats, and added minerals and vitamins to aid all-round good health. We use quality cereals grown by ourselves and other local farmers, ensuring full traceability for Fold Hill's pet foods.

Fold Hill Dog - Plain Terrier Meal 15kg

Fold Hill Meals are a range of traditionally oven-baked meal feeds, formulated to accompany canned or fresh meat for a blend of complementary tastes and textures. The meals combine a delicious and nutritious blend of natural and digestible fibres, vitamins, minerals, oils and fats to nourish and protect from the inside out, so you can be assured your dog is receiving the most nutritionally tailored diet. The meals are high in fibre and protein to aid the digestive process and the health of internal systems, whilst helping to enhance the physical condition of your canine companion. The Terrier Meal is a suitable feed for all sizes of adult dog.