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Foran Equine

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Foran Equine Copper-Max Paste 30g

Chelated copper and zinc paste for optimal absorption. For convenient copper supplementation, choose COPPER-MAX.

Foran Equine Pre Fuel Liquid 1L

Support energy and promote recovery daily, through readily absorbed BCAA’s. To maintain performance, stamina and power, choose PRE-FUEL LIQUID.

Foran Equine Nutri-Calm Gel 60ml

For focus and concentrated performance when needed most. When convenient focus and concentration is needed, choose NUTRI-CALM GEL.

Foran Equine Muscle Max 1L

Maximise muscle function, health and recovery with antioxidants. Maintain muscle health with MUSCLE MAX.

Foran Equine Airvent 1L

Vapour releasing syrup to open the airways, rich in vitamin C and essential oils for optimal air flow. Daily Respiratory Supplement for Airway Support

Foran Equine Hoof Aid Liquid 1L

Ideal for: All horses, especially those: Not receiving a daily feed Grazing on copper deficient land Features & Benefits: Chelated Copper & Zinc - in their most bioavailable forms ensuring optimal absorption Chelated Copper supports: Fertility Bone and connective tissue development Red blood cell production Hoof health Zinc supports: The immune system Skeletal development The Strict Anti-Doping Formulation Ensured (S.A.F.E) marks Foran Equine Copper-Max as free from prohibited substances and safe for use in competition and racing horses. Available in syringes of 30g.