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Pest Control

Protect your garden and home from unwanted pests.

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Racan Rat Trap - Humane

The most humane way of getting rid of rats and similar pests, this rat cage doesn’t require poison or the need to kill instead it just traps the nuisance inside. As used by professional trappers, simply put food bait on the treadle plate and wait for the rat to enter, the entrance is then quickly sprung closed when the bait is taken. This cage also has another entry allowing for more than one rat to be caught at once.

Growing Success Cat Repellent 500g

Growing Success Cat Repellent is a natural repellent. Use to deter cats from digging and fouling in your garden. Made from clay coated granules with blended essential oils.

Racan Live Catch Mouse Trap

Racan Live Catch Mouse Trap is an effective, poison free way of trapping unwanted guests. It is safe to use around children and pets, simply bait and leave, and the mouse will trigger the trap, and the door will close behind them. The mouse can then be released safely at least a mile from where it was initally trapped.

Eraza Zero Slug Killer 400g

Eraza Zero Slug Killer is an effective pellet bait for the control of slugs on bare soil around ornamental flowers & plants and edible crops grown outdoors, or in a greenhouse. The bait has excellent rain-proof properties to withstand damp conditions.

Insecto Fly Sticky Paper 4 Rolls

These Insecto Fly Stick Papers are a traditional method of trapping flies in the home, in coops and in runs (if there is enough space in which to do so). These sticky paper strips are hung form the ceiling or roof and trap flies on contact. Simply untwist and hang up for immediate use by the drawing pin and loop provided. Each strip can catch up to 100 flies and simply disposed of in the bin when full.

Redtop Fly Trap

Exceedingly effective fly trap - prevents flies ever entering your buildings. Ideal for smallholdings, farms, gardens - or anywhere plagued by flies. Catches up to 20,000 flies per trap and once trapped they can't escape! Simply add luke-warm water to the bait and hang the trap 10-15m away from the area you wish to protect.