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Breathe life into your outdoor space by planting fruit and vegetable seeds.

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Unwins Turnip Purple Top Milan Seeds

Turnips are often underrated, but not by gardeners who appreciate their delicate, fine flavour. Purple Top Milan is especially flavoursome. Pick when no more than 5cm (2in) across for the best flavour. Turnips do best in well-dug soils which have not been recently manured. Best results are achieved from plants which are grown with plenty of moisture and harvested while young. Sowing Outdoors: March - July. Harvest May - September.

Unwins Cabbage Winter Special Seeds

This is a versatile variety, ideal for leaf or hearts. Winter Special is a winter hardy type which is slower to form hearts than other varieties, giving it a longer cropping period for tender greens perfect for repeat harvest. Plants can be left to form hearts and treated as Sweetheart Cabbage. Spring greens are packed full of iron and vitamins - a real 'super-food'. Sow June to August. Harvest September to Feb.

Unwins Tomato (Cherry) Sweet Million Seeds

Living up to its name, Sweet Million produces masses of small, round, richly coloured fruits whether in a greenhouse or grown outdoors. Expect up to 50 delicious cherry tomatoes per truss. Perfect for containers. Heavy cropping. Sow Date: Jan-May.

Unwins Cress Land American Salad Seeds

Land cress is the next best thing to watercress, but does not need running water to produce a delicious crop. It is best in a shady spot, so is good for inter-cropping with taller vegetables. It thrives with plenty of moisture in the soil and the leaves can be picked all year round to add a ‘zing’ to salads. High yielding. Yellow fruit. Sow Date: Mar-Sep. Harvest: All Year Round

Unwins Herb Coriander Fine Leaved Seeds

Fine leaved coriander with edible leaves and seeds to leave a fresh citrus taste

Unwins Lettuce Mixed Salad Leaves Seeds

Blended Red and Green Salad Bowl, Lollos Rossa and Biondi, and the curiously named Black Seeded Simpson lettuces to give you a plentiful supply of attractive and delicious leaves for summer salads. Tasty summer salads. Cut & come again.

Unwins Broad Bean (Dwarf) The Sutton Seeds

Lower growing than other broad beans but just as tasty. It is ideal if you have a small garden or a very exposed site, where taller beans may suffer wind rock.

Unwins Broccoli Green Magic Calabrese F1 Seeds

This calabrese produces a nicely domed head and once cut the plant will carry on and grow a good crop of side shoots. Very tasty steamed or boiled. Sowing & Growing. Sowing Time: Feb-Apr & Sep-Oct. Harvest From: Jun-Sep.

Unwins Carrot Resistafly F1 Seeds

This carrot is an F1 variety meaning it has excellent disease resistance and also as the name suggests resists again carrot root fly. Expect the crops to be large, smooth and cylindrical with excellent flavour.

Unwins Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia Seeds

A very hardy longpod variety which grows nicely in warm soil, and is tough enough to over-winter. It yields well and produces tender white beans of good quality. Freeze any surplus for future use. Do not sow later than mid January.

Unwins Basil Italian Seeds

A fantastic Italian basil with an intense flavour that produces high yields of great tasting leaves. This basil is perfect for adding to salads or cooking.

Unwins Pepper (Chilli) Basket Of Fire F1 Seeds

Grow your own medium hot chilli peppers. Sow February - April. Harvest July - October