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Breathe life into your outdoor space by planting fruit and vegetable seeds.

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Unwins Turnip Purple Top Milan Seeds

Turnips are often underrated, but not by gardeners who appreciate their delicate, fine flavour. Purple Top Milan is especially flavoursome. Pick when no more than 5cm (2in) across for the best flavour. Turnips do best in well-dug soils which have not been recently manured. Best results are achieved from plants which are grown with plenty of moisture and harvested while young. Sowing Outdoors: March - July. Harvest May - September.

Unwins Cabbage Dutchman F1 Seeds

An improved 'Duchy' type, Dutchman is ideal for growing in smaller gardens or where space is limited. This variety displays good disease resistance and tolerance to bolting producing tender, pointed heads that are sweet and tasty. Sow March - May. Harvest June - October.

Unwins Cabbage Winter Special Seeds

This is a versatile variety, ideal for leaf or hearts. Winter Special is a winter hardy type which is slower to form hearts than other varieties, giving it a longer cropping period for tender greens perfect for repeat harvest. Plants can be left to form hearts and treated as Sweetheart Cabbage. Spring greens are packed full of iron and vitamins - a real 'super-food'. Sow June to August. Harvest September to Feb.

Unwins Courgette Tristar F1 Seeds

Light green, dark green and yellow courgettes - all from one packet. Delicious stir fried or steamed, our mixture comprises three varieties.

Unwins Cucumber Telegraph Improved Seeds

An improved strain of the much loved Cucumber Telegraph. This variety produces large crops of long, smooth skinned cucumbers with wonderful, mild flavour and few seeds. Ideal for growing in an unheated greenhouse or in a sunny, sheltered spot in the garden. Smooth Skinned Variety. Improved variety. Sow:Feb-Jun. Blooms: Jun-Oct

Unwins French Bean Climbing Hunter Seeds

Flat, stringless pods from plants which do best in a warm spot sheltered from winds. The flowers set readily to give a heavy crop of delicious pods easy for slicing. Sow: April to June. Harvest: August to September

Unwins Green Manure Mustard Seeds

Just the job for improving the structure and fertility of your soil, this fast growing mustard can be dug-in three to eight weeks after sowing. An easy alternative to farmyard manure or compost, and sound gardening practice. Sowing Time: Mar-Sep. Harvest From: May-Nov

Unwins Herb Dill Seeds

Both seeds and leaves are used as flavouring for lamb, fish and sauces. It has a strong aniseed flavour and goes well with cucumber salad.

Unwins Herb Mint (Garden) Seeds

Garden mint is easy to grow under almost any conditions and enjoys a shady aspect, so it is an ideal herb to grow in a north facing garden wall. Mint is best planted in a pot. The whole pot can be planted in the garden if required.

Unwins Kale Afro Seeds

Packed full of vitamins A and C this tasty winter green is not only delicious but good for you too! Delicious steamed and served with a knob of butter and freshly ground pepper. Sowing Time: Apr-Jun. Harvest From: Oct-Feb.

Unwins Pak Choi Canton White Seeds

This high yielding variety has a compact habit producing broad, short and thick white petioles and green slightly savoyed, glossy leaves. Can be used as baby leaf too. Sow March - August. Harvest May - October.

Unwins Pepper (Chilli) Basket Of Fire F1 Seeds

Grow your own medium hot chilli peppers. Sow February - April. Harvest July - October