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Unwins Pepper (Sweet) Salad Festival F1 Seeds

Salad Festival is a mix of top quality F1 Hybrids, with crisp and crunchy bell peppers in mixed colours of red, yellow and green.

Unwins Cucumber Mini Munch F1 Seeds

Mini Munch is delicious, thin-skinned and very heavy cropping – expect up to 20 fruit per week per plant!

Unwins Rocket Voyager Seeds

A selected slow bolting variety of Wild Rocket, vigorous, uniform and upright, with thicker and darker serrated green leaves.

Unwins Tomato (Cherry Plum) Sweet Olive F1 Seeds

This 'baby plum' tomato looks more like an olive, but has a wonderful sweet flavour all its own. It crops heavily outdoors or in a greenhouse, and the taste is extremely moreish! We can thoroughly recommend this versatile variety.

Unwins Tomato Moneymaker Seeds

Moneymaker has been hugely popular with gardeners for many years. In a greenhouse or in the garden, it can be relied on to give a heavy crop of delicious, medium sized fruits.

Unwins Tomato Sungold F1 Seeds

Very sweet and tasty, the bite size, rich orange fruits are borne on long, heavy trusses, and stay in good condition for several weeks. Equally reliable whether grown outdoors or in a greenhouse, Sungold has a growing band of followers who believe its flavour is unbeatable. Grow indoors or outdoors. Rich orange fruits. Sow:Jan-May. Blooms: Jul-Sep.

Unwins Runner Bean Scarlet Emperor Seeds

Scarlet Emperor has been a favourite for decades, which is no surprise. It yields long, straight pods of excellent flavour. Sliced and blanched, it freezes well to provide tasty out-of-season treats.

Unwins Cucumber Tasty King F1 Seeds

One of the longest cucumbers we know. Grow it either in a greenhouse or outside in the garden – either way you will be rewarded with a heavy crop of good looking, tasty fruits.

Unwins Brussels Sprout Bosworth F1 Seeds

Firm, smooth dark green, sweet tasting buttons well spaced on the stem for easy picking.

Unwins Herb Parsley Italian Giant (Organic) Seeds

Flat leaved parsley has a distinctive flavour and is great in Mediterranean dishes such as fish, salads and soups.

Unwins Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition Seeds

Well suited to both spring or autumn sowings. Bunyards takes some beating for all round performance. This long podded variety has 8-9 white beans per pod, with delicious flavour and texture.

Unwins Cucumber Marketmore (Organic) Seeds

Shiny, medium-green cucumbers are produced in abundance from this reliable plant with very high levels of disease resistance. Delicious in stir fries and salads. Great flavour. Hardy variety. Sow - April to May. Harvest - July to October