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Gardman offer consumers a wide range of quality products for both Home and Garden. 

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Gardman Bird Feeder Cleaning Brush

Ideal for all bird feeders, but especially tubular styles. Long reach handle gives easier access to all feeders. Flexible shaft allows brush to move past seed ports Total Length 16" (40cm) Brush And Reach 12" (30cm)

Gardman Black Steel Fat Snax Feeder Standard

Gardman Black Steel fat Snax Feeder is an easy to use, durable metal feeder with an antibacterial coating to protect against microbes and germs.

Gardman Black Steel Feeder Seed Large

The Gardman Black Steel Seed Feeder is made with durable metal and is ideal for all types of seed mix such as sunflower seed and peanut bites. The feeder also has a quick release top and base for easy filling and cleaning. This feeder has an antibacterial coating known as FeedSafe that uses Biomaster antimicrobial technology which inhibits the growth of bacterial by 99.99%. Fill with seed mix, peanut bites or sunflower seed. Large - H27cm

Gardman Co-Co Fat Single Feeder

The wild birds that come into your garden will love the Suet Filled Co-Co Feeder from Gardman. The high energy suet mix is ideal for all year round feeding but in particular for winter food.

Gardman Compact Ground Feeder Tray

A metal micromesh tray. Perfect for ground feeding birds like Blackbirds, Thrushes and Robins - 18cm square

Gardman Complete Feeding Station Kit

This table accessory set includes everything you need to turn your garden in to a feeding haven and attract a wide variety of birds. Complete with four feeders as well as a bird bath and mesh feeding tray with an easy to assemble heavy-duty black metal pole four-way head and decorative finial providing a strong support. The metal pole has a spiked bottom so that it can be pushed directly into the ground or can be put into a feeding station patio stand. Assemble then sit back and relax whilst seeing all the different types of birds you can attract to your garden. Height when fully extended: 226cm. Contains 1 x 22.5cm diameter micro mesh feeder tray 2 x midi silo seed feeders 1 x midi silo peanut feeder 1 x premium suet feast feeder 1 x split level bird bath.

Gardman Decorative Feeding Station

This Decorative Feeding Station is a great way to attract a wide variety of birds into your garden. It has five hooks to hang feeders from, a bird bath and a feeding tray. The strong design is simple to assemble and requires no tools, the poles simply screw together.

Gardman Dry Hedgehog Food 650g

Quality hedgehog dry food for hedgehogs. This complete-nutrition food source keeps them fighting fit and boosts their dwindling population. 650g bag

Gardman Fat Balls No Net 50pk Tub

Treat your feathered friends to a feast with Gardman. As one of the top providers of bird care products in the UK you can be sure to find something for every winged guest. High energy suet, cereal and seed mix they will keep your feathered friends well fed during the cold winter months (and a nice snack in the summer too). Packed in a convenient, resealable plastic tub. The added advantage of these Fat Snax is the fact that they have no nets meaning that you have no plastic to dispose of once the birds have stopped feeding, making them ideal for putting on bird tables or in Fat Snax feeders.

Gardman Feeding Station Bird Bath

Gardman Feeding Station Bird Bath, Clear, 17x17x4 cm Replacement birth bath for Gardman feeding stations Can also be used on the feeding station kits which have bird bath support Dia. 17cm Feeding Station Bird Bath. Bird bath accessory for use with the Heavy Duty Feeder Pole. Can also be used on the feeding station kits which have bird bath support. Support ring not included

Gardman Feeding Station Bird Bath With Support Ring

A plastic bird bath and support ring to use with any Gardman feeding station. Simple wrap around design for easy fitting.

Gardman Feeding Station Feed Tray

A micro mesh feeder tray for use with Gardman feeding stations. Simple wrap around design for easy fitting.