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Gardman Woven Hedgehog House

Sturdy rust resistant steel frame covered with a natural looking finish Provides a safe habitat for hedgehogs Suitable for summer shelter, hibernation and breeding

Gardman Decorative Feeding Station Black

This Wild Bird Feeding Station has two top hooks for you to hang seed and nut feeders, a lower hook for a suet ball dispenser, a mesh feeder tray for mealworm and a birdbath in a circular support ring. By having different feeds on offer you will attract a wide variety of birds into your garden.

Gardman Premium Feed Station Kit Large

Decorative, heavy duty 3 hook design with finial Also includes bird batch with support ring and micromesh feed tray Fully extended height 226 cm

Gardman Feeding Station Patio Stand

Heavy cast iron base supports 22.5mm, 25mm & 29mm feeding station poles Diameter 36.5cm approx. allows feeding stations to be moved around the garden ideal for patios & decked areas

Gardman Multi Nest Box

Interchangeable 32 + 28mm entrance holes you will be welcoming a wide array of small feathered friends. With a removable floor the Multi Nest Box is super easy to clean and tidy making it a keeper in any bird lovers eye.

Gardman Robin Nest Box

This Gardman Robin Nest Box is an open fronted nest box. The wide opening is favoured by some birds both for ease of access and allowing a clear view from the nest. This style of opening is particularly loved by Robins.

Gardman Squirrel Proof Ground Feeder Haven

The Gardman Squirrel Proof Ground Feeding Haven stops squirrels and large birds from eating the bird food, leaving the smaller birds to feed in peace.

Gardman Filled Meal Worm Flip Top Feeder

Treat your feathered friends to a feast with Gardman. As one of the top providers of bird care products in the UK you can be sure to find something for every winged guest. Durable plastic feeder filled with protein rich mealworm. Dried insects closely resembling natural foods found in the wild, rich in protein and oils which attracts Robins, Siskins and other species.

Gardman Supreme Fat Snax No Net 50 Pack Tub

Fat based feeds are an excellent source of energy, predominantly associated with winter feeding, however our suet range offers an essential high energy supplement which is a year round favourite with our feathered friends. Suitable for use in fat snax feeders, on bird tables and ground feeding. Our Suet Balls are made from a high quality suet, seed and cereal mix, and are packed in a convenient resealable plastic tub to ensure they are kept in tip top condition until needed.

Gardman Jumbo Seed & Suet Cookie 600g

This 500 gram high energy, jumbo suet cookie from Gardman has been made with added peanuts, mealworms and raisins, making it an extra tasty treat for wild birds who visit your garden.

Gardman Suet Cookie Mealworm / Peanut 500g

Fine dining will be experienced due to delicious suet blended with a deluxe mix of seeds topped off with tantalising meal worm. This energy and oil rich treat is the present that keeps on giving as great for all year round feeding

Gardman Sunflower Hearts 2kg

2 kg Sunflower Hearts - Multi-Colour Oil rich, high energy sunflower hearts are a real favourite of many species No mess, husks and waste Suitable for use in sunflower hearts ...