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Gardman Nyger Seed 1.8KG

Brand: Gardman
SKU: 20844
Oil rich small seeds that are favourites of Goldfinches Also attracts Pine Siskins, Redpolls and other species of small birds Suitable for use in nyger seed feeders 1.8kg
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Jacobi Jayne Ring-Pull Pro Small Seed Feeder

Jacobi Jayne have improved and renamed their "The One" Feeder range as the Ring Pull Feeder range The Ring Pull Seed feeder from Jacobi Jayne is available in three sizes and combines functionality and quality with great design. This feeder is the perfect choice for your garden birds, it holds a large amount of seed and is incredibly easy to fill, maintain and clean. The Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull is suitable for seed blends and straight foods such as black sunflower seeds and hearts. Incredibly low maintenance, it’s easy to dispose of any uneaten husks and seeds by simply twisting off the base before refilling. For a thorough clean the feeder separates by simply pulling the pin, and we guarantee that it’s incredibly easy to re-assemble, no screwdrivers needed!

Gardman Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Seed

Squirrel Proof Die Cast feeder suitable for all types of seed mix, sunflower seed and peanut bites - Heavy duty Cast cage provides maximum resistance to squirrels and larger birds - Feedsafe biocidal coating kills bacteria on contact

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A metal micromesh tray Perfect for ground feeding birds like Blackbirds, Thrushes and Robins Holds 370g seed mix, 360g peanut bites, 265g sunflower seed, 370g peanuts, 525g suet treats, 120g mealworms or 9 fat snax 18cm square

Jacobi Jayne Ring-Pull Pro Medium Nyger Seed Feeder

Jacobi Jayne's Ring Pull Pro Niger Seed Feeder offers a superb quality metal feeder incorporating their unique patented ring pull design. Hygiene's never been easier. Just twist the base each time you refill, allowing uneaten seeds and debris to escape. For a really thorough clean, pull the pin and all parts of the feeder separate completely. For maximum peace of mind, Ring-Pull™ PRO comes backed with the reassurance of our Lifetime Guarantee. Please note this feeder has been made specifically to feed Niger Thistle Seed to wild birds.