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Gourmet Perle Pouch Box Jelly Delight Chicken 12x85g

Brand: Gourmet
SKU: 73622
Introducing GOURMET Perle Jelly Delight: fine morsels of Gourmet Perle that your cat enjoys, now in a delicious new collection of delicate, soft, flavoured jellies, so your cat can enjoy new taste experiences. With 4 new varied recipes, Gourmet Perle Jelly Delight is made of gently cooked pieces with beef, chicken, salmon or tuna skilfully combined with a delectable roast-beef flavoured jelly, seared salmon flavoured jelly, grilled chicken flavoured jelly or seafood flavoured jelly. Our sumptuous recipes provide high quality nutrition with 100% complete and balanced cat food to support your sophisticated feline with the care he deserves. You can feel good about serving GOURMET Perle Jelly Delight every day because each recipe was prepared for your cat to be delighted. All GOURMET Perle varieties have no added artificial colours, preservatives and flavourings.
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