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Burwood Psyllium 1kg

A great bulk forming fibre herb. Invigorates sluggish bowels and gently enhances movement through the digestive tract without irritating the colon. A useful alternative to the endangered herb Slippery Elm. Also, a good supplement for horses kept on sand, aiding grains to pass through the gut.

Equine America Sand Out Pellets 2.6kg

A digestive aid for horses and ponies grazing on sandy pastures.

Protexin Gut Sponge 1.5kg

Gut Sponge is a palatable, peppermint flavoured, nutritional supplement formulated to support hind gut health and encourage the formation of normal droppings.

NAF GastriVet Pellets 4kg

GastriVet is a totally natural, nutritional formula developed by world leading veterinary scientists and nutritionists, and recommended by vets. The clinically proven formula supports a healthy gastric environment, supports the natural anti-inflammatory processes, soothes the stomach walls and supports balanced pH levels. Ideal for competition and performance horses, GastriVet can also support the benefits of veterinary treatment when used as part of an aftercare regime.

NAF GastriAid 3.6kg

NAF GastriAid is a high quality nutritional supplement designed to promote gut and stomach health. By using daily this can prevent gastric ulcers appearing and protect from stress related gastric problems. Created by world leading nutritionists, GastriAid prevents the stomach from acid attack while providing daily protection and maintenance in the gut.

NAF GastriAid 1.8kg

Feed GastriAid daily to soothe and maintain a healthy digestive system.

NAF Pink Powder 1.4Kg

Nutritional support of the gut is the cornerstone of health and vitality in horses, and will be reflected as a horse in perfect condition.

Burwood Brewers Yeast 3kg

Burwood Brewers Yeast will help support the digestive system, immune system, nervous system, skin and coat condition.

Equine America Pro Gut Balancer Powder 900g

Pro-Gut Balancer is a unique combination of pre and probiotics, together with a mannan oligosaccharide (MOS), to help maintain the health of the microbial population in the light of the many challenges faced by modern performance horses

Burwood Gut Balancer 875g

A supplement for sustaining optimum digestive health and managing equine stress.

Equus Health Spearmint 1kg

Simply irresistible! Spearmint is a food appetiser that can tempt the fussiest feeders and brighten up a plain feed. Spearmint also supports the digestive system, especially those prone to ‘gassy’ colic, crib bitting and windsucking.

Burwood Gut Balancer 500g

A supplement for sustaining optimum digestive health and managing equine stress.