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Jacobi Jayne My Favourites Feeder

Brand: Jacobi Jayne
SKU: 66236
Jacobi Jayne's My Favourites Clinger Feeder has been specifically designed for small garden birds such as finches, tits and wrens to feed from because they can easily cling to the narrow rim whilst they eat, however this is uncomfortable for larger birds which makes it impossible for birds such as starlings and pigeons to use the feeder. The My Favourites Clinger Feeder can hold up to 1.3 litres of bird seed, and it is easy to fill with seed mixes and blends by unscrewing the lid to fill up, and then you can simply hang up this feeder in your garden using the attached hook to mount on a tree branch, pole or hanging hook. This Jacobi Jayne feeder is easy to clean when needed, and as it has been made from tough polycarbonate it wont fade or crack in the sun. It also comes with an overhanging roof which provides feeding birds with shelter from any bad weather. Height: 23 cm.
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