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All of the foods are high quality and will provide your dog with a complete nutritional balance. 

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Kennelpak Breederpack Value Pack Dog Food Complete Working Dog 15kg

Breederpack Complete Working Dog Food features a delicious crunchy biscuit that is high in easily digestible proteins & fats, perfect for providing dogs with energy throughout the day. By using a selection of crunchy kibbles & energy sources the dog is able to get a complete & varied diet that keeps them interested in their food.

Kennelpak Breederpack Prem Value Biscuit Meal 12kg

Breederpack Crunchy Biscuit Meal is a complementary compound food for dogs & should be fed with an equal volume of canned or fresh meat. The crunchy biscuits do a great job of providing dogs with a mechanical cleaning action helping to scrub off tartar & plaque, they are also an ideal source of digestible energy.

Dylan Dog - Complimentary Dog Food Mixer 12kg

The Dylan dog food mixer is ideal for mixing with a wet diet. The Dylan mixer ensure teeth are kept healthy as the crunchy biscuit meal helps to remove plaque and reduce tartar build up, leading to better oral health. We would recommend adding to a good portion of fresh raw meats, canned wet food, pouches or foils for that added texture and crunch! Ideal for mixing with a wet diet Great Value Ensure fresh drinking water is available at all times.