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King Cat Catnip Dental Stick

Brand: King Catnip
SKU: 89666
These chews are made using the dried stalks of the catnip plant! This way your kitty gets the best chew but also no part of the plant goes to waste. The leaves are used in other King Cat products and the stalks are dried out to get chomped on! The chewing motion on this bark will help to floss your kitty’s teeth and remove a build-up of plaque bacteria.
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  • Promotes dental health
  • By chewing on bark, the cat naturally flosses its teeth
  • Can also be used as a play toy as the catnip will stimulate playful behaviour.
  • Promotes dental health
  • By chewing on bark, the cat naturally flosses its teeth
  • Can also be used as a play toy as the catnip will stimulate playful behaviour.
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