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Nuevo Dog Adult Beef 6x400g

Feature of nuevo Beef is a high meat content of 72% which contains a lot of precious proteins. Perfectly balanced and complete with optimum levels of all nutrients, essential vitamins and minerals. nuevo Beef is a good energy provider, highly digestible and especially palatable.

Nuevo Dog Junior Chicken & Beef With Rice 6x400g

Chicken & Beef with rice + calcium - Nuevo JUNIOR is focused on providing the right nutrients to support a healthy growth. A high proportion of fresh chicken and beef contains meat proteins of high biological value. nuevo Chicken and Beef JUNIOR is a balanced complete nutrition with correct levels of protein, fat, minerals and vitamins. It is formulated to support immunity and mobility of your dog. No artificial colors, no flavors or preservatives from the beginning!

Nuevo Dog Adult Chicken 6x400g

High protein chicken meat with all important minerals generates an ideal nutrition foundation for your dog. nuevo Chicken is highly digestible, with good acceptance and can help to improve the coat condition. The excellent animal protein source suits the carnivorous characteris- tics of the dog.

Nuevo Dog Adult Lamb & Potato 6x400g

Treats your dog with all needed nutrients, it is based on the selected protein source lamb and digestive carbohydrate of potato. nuevo Lamb is a completely balanced nutrition for your dog.

Nuevo Cat Adult Multipack 8 X 85g

The Nuevo pouch Multipack offers your cat delicious variation, it includes 2 pouches of each Adult variety – so your cat can choose daily which variety he or she likes to have today! Appetite for Beef, Rabbit or better Chicken & Salmon? Whatever, the multipack offers all varieties! 2x ADULT Beef & Chicken. 2x ADULT Chicken & Salmon. 2x ADULT Chicken & Duck. 2x ADULT Chicken & Rabbit.

Nuevo Dog Adult Venison 6x400g

Venison with noodles & cowberry - nuevo Venison provides all needed nutrients to your dog! A high rate of meat coupled with noodles and exquisite safflower oil is magnificent for this recipe. Safflower oil supports a healthy fur by its perfect combination of essential fatty acids and promotes the digestion.