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For wild bird seed & you can trust, look no further than Peckish bird food. Designed to offer wild birds all the nourishment they need, Peckish wild bird food comes in a number of varieties. You'll find Peckish Complete which contains a number of seeds and nuts to help feed the birds all year round.

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Peckish Complete Seed Mix 12.75kg

Our Peckish Complete Seed Mix is a unique blend packed with 14 different ingredients including 12 seeds specifically chosen to attract a wide variety of birds. More seeds, simply means more birds! All husks have been removed to make the mix 100% edible attracting a wild variety of birds to your garden. Peckish Complete contains our Calvita® vitamin pellet, a distinctive blend of vitamins and minerals that help garden birds stay healthy. Our Complete seed mix is now packaged in 100% recyclable paper packaging. You can feel good about feeding the birds with our feel good food.

Peckish Complete Suet Cakes 8pk

Peckish Complete Suet Cakes are packed with high energy suet and the small seeds chosen from our Complete Seed & Nut Mix, all specially chosen to attract a wide variety of birds. The husk free formula helps prevent mess and waste.