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Feeders & Water Holders

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Horizont Poultry Feeder 5kg

Holds approxamently 5kg of food. Hygienic and easy to clean. Can be also hung. Comes with plastic lid . Deep feed base with fluted edges. Helps to reduce wastage

Stockshop Feeder Red / White 3kg

Stockshop Economy Feeder comes in a red and white 3kg design.

Horizont Poultry Trap Drinker Plastic 30L

Horizont Poultry Trap Drinker Plastic 30L • Plastic • With galvanised stand • Can be easily filled from the top • For about 100 hens

Agrihealth Poultry Feeder With Legs 30L

Poultry Feeder W/Legs 30L

Stockshop Chicken Drinker Red / White 3L

Poultry drinker with handle

Horizont Galvanised Poultry Feeder 20kg

Poultry Galvanised Feeder 20kg, with three different heights to regulate output of feed. Size: 20kg

Agrihealth Poultry Feeder Red Plastic With Legs 4kg

Poultry Feeder in a red plastic with legs 4Kg.

Agrihealth Poultry Eco Drinker 1.5L

Poultry Drinker Eco 1.5L

Stockshop Super Feeder Hopper 1.5kg

Very robust construction - The height of the tube and the grid can be adjusted to ease the flow of food

Agrihealth Poultry Eco Drinker W/legs 5L

Poultry Drinker Eco W/Legs 5L

Agrihealth Poultry Eco Drinker 3L

Poultry Drinker Eco 3L

Agrihealth Poultry Chick Drinker New Chicks 12L

Poultry Drinker for Chicks 12L