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Company Of Animals Pet Corrector 30ml

The 30ml Pet Corrector by The Company of Animals was developed by the world renowned animal psychologist Doctor Roger Mugford as a humane training tool to help discourage: Barking, Chasing, Stealing, Jumping Up, Place Avoidance and other unwanted behaviours. It is used and recommended by trainers and behaviourists throughout the world. The Pet Corrector works by emitting a hiss of compressed inert gas, similar to the warning sound made by a cat or snake, to gain the dog's attention in an instant and disrupt the unwanted behaviour. Once the dog is distracted it is then possible to insert a positive command and reward, in a handy 30ml pocket sized can, it is ideal for use on the go. Pet Corrector should always be used responsibly, and it is recommended that you read the instruction booklet prior to use. The inert gas has no smell, is non-flammable, and works on most animals including cats, horses and more. This product should never be aimed directly at any animal and is not suitable for use with young puppies. Approximate Dimensions (Product): 11.8 x 3.5 x 3.5cm

Rosewood Pet Food Scoop

The Rosewood Pet Food Scoops help to make feeding time simple, cleaner and more hygienic.

Rosewood Glitter Hamster Ball

Rosewood Glitter Hamster Ball is of high quality and shatters resistant. Give your hamster some stimulation and activity. Diameter 18cm

Rosewood Natural Eats Chicken & Liver Bites For Ferrets 50g

Healthier and Irresistibly tasty, semi-moist treats that ferrets keep coming back for. Meat rich: made from 50% chicken meat. With 69% of their composition from animal sources. Rich in oils and fats; plus, added taurine for heart and eyes. Formulated for superior palatability. Made with all natural colours and flavours with no added salt or sugar.Ferrets have specific dietary and care demands, and their owners are passionate about ensuring they use the best products, made specifically for their pets. Until now the ferret treats that have been available have typically been poor quality due to the use of high amounts of vegetable based and sugar-rich ingredients, dairy products and added salt. Our new Chicken & Liver Bites are the first UK branded treats to remedy this with 69% of the treat being chicken meat, fat, liver and egg. These are irresistibly tasty, semi-moist treats that ferrets will keep coming back for.

Rosewood Throw & Flash Bone

Multi-coloured light up bone for dogs! Lights up and flashes on impact! Great for play in low light conditions.

Rosewood Squeaky Tough Bone

Squeak, Catch & Splash. Hours of fun and exercise. Strong tough rubber, squeaky toy. Great for playing, chasing, catching and having fun. Floats for fun water play.

Rosewood Duo Dental Tug Puppy Fish

Duo Dental Tug. Great for playing, tugging, chewing and having fun. Multi textured appealing to all puppies and small dog breeds. It is great for dental hygiene, helps to keep teeth clean and massage gums.

Rosewood Tough Twist Textured Fish

Super strong multi textured toy. Great for playing, tugging, chewing and having fun. Multi textured, great for dental hygiene. Helps to keep clean and massage gums.

Rosewood Natural Riverside Duck

Soft but strong plush animals filled with 100% cotton filling and using unbleached rope.

Rosewood Super Tough Snake

Multi textured and double stitched for super strong strength. Soft, bright and durable toy with knotted rope inside. Super tough for playing, chewing and tugging.

Rosewood Sonny Monkey

Rosewood's Sonny Monkey is a colourful addition to the Chubleez range. This soft plush features a crinkle and a hidden squeaker to excite your dog, bringing out their wild side.