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Rosewood Nibble n Gnaw Stacker

Brand: Rosewood
SKU: 33073
Our naturals brand has always been driven by the desire to deliver a better quality treat made from only 100% natural ingredients and with a added pet appeal for better health and wellbeing.
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Country Value Rabbit Nuggets is a delicious complementary food for rabbits that is rich in fibre for healthy digestion. Every nugget contains a delicious mix of fibre, vitamins, minerals and lifelong goodness. These fruity mix nuggets prevent the picky, selective feeding which can cause rabbits serious health problems. Rabbits need to eat Fruity Fibre Nuggets as they contain prebiotics, vitamins and minerals which they cannot get from Timothy hay and Healthy Snacks alone.

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A delicious, complementary food for guinea pigs that is high in fibre and Vitamin C and rich in nutrients. Prevents selective feeding. High levels of vitamin C. Oregano to support digestion.

Rosewood Apple, Strawberry Bunnies 100g

Naturals Small animal treats Strawberry & Apple Bunnies 100g Our wonderful, grain free treats are three steps to heaven for little furries. The cute bunny shapes don't just look good - because they are made from real apple, strawberry and spinach they also taste great! Loved by all Small Animals and made only with 100% natural ingredients. Composition- Pea flakes (78.9%) vegetable starch, apple (4.1%), rapeseed oil, strawberry (2.5%), spinach (1.7%), beetroot. As with all treats offer sparingly to chinchillas and limit degus to one piece per pet per week. Ingredients Pea flakes (78.9%) vegetable starch, apple (4.1%), rapeseed oil, strawberry (2.5%), spinach (1.7%), beetroot.

Canagan Dog - Small Breed Scottish Salmon 2kg

FOR ALL LIFESTAGES With Herring and Trout Our Canagan Small Breed Scottish Salmon has a smaller kibble which is perfect for the smaller dog. Canagan Scottish Salmon is a carefully balanced grain free food with an array of specially selected fish. Our freshly prepared deboned Scottish Salmon is produced to an equivalent human food standard and this wonderful food is further boosted with the inclusion of herring, trout and white fish. With reduced carbohydrate levels, and a host of beneficial botanicals Canagan Scottish Salmon provides your companions with a unique blend of super protein availability.