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Royal Canin FHN 36 Kitten 4Kg

Brand: Royal Canin
SKU: 76179
It's specially formulated to help your cat grow and to respond to the particular health concerns that kittens have as they mature. Royal Canin Kitten is designed to be gentle on your kittens digestive system. It's made from highly digestible Low Indigestible Proteins (L. I.P). For a food to be classified as a L. I.P, 90% of it must be easy to digest, leaving no more than 10% to pass as excretion; making this a part of their regular diet ensures your kitten gets the maximum nutrition from every mouthful. The food has a precise combination of vitamins and minerals (including vitamin D and calcium) that helps to maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora and lots of energy. Royal Canin Kitten is formulated to strengthen your cats natural immune defences, which helps to protect your kitten from illness and infection. Key features: L. I.Ps are easily digestible and gentle on your kittens digestive system Helps to sustain intestinal flora for a healthy digestive tract Supports healthy growth Bolsters your kittens immunity.
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