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Schesir Taste The World Adult Dog Variety Pack 6x150g

Your dog loves to be spoiled …If you want to pamper it with the tastiest thing imaginable, there is nothing better than the Schesir for Dog menu of complete and balanced recipes based on the most celebrated and popular dishes of international cuisine. Taste the World offers your dog a choice of varieties with real chunks of meat, vegetables, pasta or rice, as well as other tasty ingredients. A practical box with a selection of three Schesir Dog Taste the World recipes, based on celebrated dishes of the Mediterranean and Asian culinary tradition, to offer your dog the quality of the ingredients in various combinations of flavours.

Schesir After Dark Velvet Mousse Variety Pack Adult Cat Pouch 12x80g

Cats have a long history as nocturnal predators who go out in search of small prey when night falls. Even now, when they live in a domestic environment, they still have both the instinct and the nutritional needs of a true carnivore. That is why Schesir After Dark is based on meat with real chunks of organs full of nutrients, which are the ingredients cats would seek in nature. It is also full of protein and contains no cereals.100% complete and balanced recipe, with all the protein, vitamins and minerals a cat needs in a velvety mousse. Variety pack containing 4 flavours.