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Agrifence Heavy Duty Gate Handle

Extra large heavy duty gate handle for maximum insulation. Internal compression spring protects against over-extension and ensures longer life.

Agrifence Screw Offset Tape Iruvis-Ion 10 Pack

The Offset clip insulator (20cm) to be used for tape up to 40mm wide and has a built in buffer to protect the tape from wear and tear.

Agrifence Tapelock Insulators 2 Pack

These insulators are ideal for corners and tape run ends. They have a conductive rubber pad, an anti-slip mechanism and are non-abrasive to tape. These insulators also work as tape tensioners.

Agrifence Line to Line Connector 20mm

Lead Length 60cm for 20mm wire. Perfect Electrical Contact Strong Aluminium, will not corrode

Agrifence Offset Ring Insulator 10 Pack

10 pack - Offset ring insulator (21cm) for wires, ropes and tapes up to 12mm wide. Cranked arm to allow higher positioning of the rope or wire.

Agrifence Universal Insulator 25 Pack

Nail or screw-on multi-use insulator. This is not supplied with fixings.

Agrifence Tape Clamp 40mm

This premium 40mm tape joiner has perfect electrical contact as well as providing ultimate conductivity.

Agrifence Tape Buckles 40mm 5 Pack

40mm buckles in packs of 5. Agrifence Tape Joiner buckles are made from galvanised steel.

Agrifence Super Gate Anchor 2 Pack

Premium quality screw-in insulator designed to ensure power continuity through gateways and includes steel loop connection making it suitable for use with polywires and ropes. Recommended for permanent installations.

Agrifence Tape Clamp 20mm

2 pack for 20mm tape. This premium tape joiner has perfect electrical contact as well as providing ultimate conductivity.

Agrifence Tape End Tensioner 2 Pack

Screw-on insulator with swinging buckles which can be used at the start, end or corners of a line to provide an easy to use tightening point to help keep tape lines taught, looking good & lasting longer. Suitable for all sizes of tape.

Agrifence Stoplock Insulators 2 Pack

The Agrifence Stoplock is specially designed & made for tape fences. Ideal for creating 3 way junctions, gateways & line ends. The Stoplock Clamp Anchor is suitable for use with all types & sizes of tapes