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Suet To Go Insect Fat Balls 50 Pk

Brand: Suet To Go
SKU: 60840
Premium Wildbird Food Insect Flavour Year Round Feeding No Fillers! Carry Out Tub
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Gardman No mess Seed Mix 12.75kg No husks and no grow blend contains a range of nutritious seeds including sunflower hearts, peanut bites, oats and crushed wheat. Suitable for use in seed feeders, or on bird tables and ground feeding. Premium quality no mess seed mix in a large 12.75kg bag. Ideal for people with large gardens or for those who want the best value for money. This seed mix has been specifically formulated so that there are almost no discarded husks after feeding the birds. As well as this there are no seeds included that will grow in your lawn or soil after feeding. Ideal for attracting Goldfinches and other wild birds to feed in your garden.

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