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The Bird House

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The Bird House Beech Chips Course 6L

Suitable for Cockatiel, Budgies and Parrots. Natural beech chips, 100% natural floor dressing for your bird’s cage.

The Bird House Flossing Ring Bird Toy

Made from rope, the Flossing Ring parrot toy, is ideal for encouraging natural chewing, shredding and playing instincts as well as helping to prevent unwanted feather plucking.

The Bird House Cartwheel Bird Toy

The Cartwheel Parrot Toy is a brighly coloured bird toy created to provide feathered friends with a great source of entertainment to relieve boredom! Made of tough wooden shapes and cotton rope, simpply hang the toy from the top of a bird's cage for them to enjoy!

The Bird House Playtime (Multiwood 3) Bird Toy

Made with 100% natural wood, leather, corn and rope pieces, the Playtime range helps to stimulate natural chewing, foraging instincts and helps prevent unwanted feather plucking. Tried and tested best selling bird toys for parrots, parakeets, cockatiels and other medium to large birds. The Multiwood 3 is suitable for larger birds and is designed to encourage physical activity with bright colours and unusual shapes. A great source of entertainment to help keep them healthy.

The Bird House Mirror Swing Bird Toy

Let small birds have Fun at the Fair with the Happy Pet Mirror Swing. Place the mirror swing in the cage and keep them bird entertained for hours with the company of their own reflection. The swing and bird safe nickel bell are great added extras to exercise birds and keep them healthy.

The Bird House Shred It

Shred It, is a interactive tough toy for parrots. Made from acrylic with rolled paper inside, this dangling, interactive cage toy encourages natural play instincts and prevents boredom. This toy has a chain at the top so can easily attached to any cage. Refill also available.