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Since 1903, Unwins has been a well-known and highly respected name amongst gardeners. Originally specialising in flower seed, Unwins continues to be a leader in the development of varieties of sweet pea but has also now diversified into vegetable seed, providing our customers with a flavoursome choice to grow year after year.

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Unwins Carrot Nantes 2 Seeds

Carrot Nantes 2 Sow outdoors: February-June Harvest: May-October Quick cropping Ideal for patio tubs and baskets Good flowering in full sun

Unwins Beetroot Monika Seeds

Beetroot Monika is a monogerm variety, which means it’s a great choice as there’s no need to thin your beetroot crop anymore once sown. Sow each seed 5-10cm apart and pick alternate plants when young for tender baby beets, leaving the rest to mature into a beetroot bonanza. Delicious and tasty beetroot perfect for boiling or roasting. No thinning required. Fast maturing.

Unwins Cabbage Holland Winter White Seeds

The large solid white heads of this Dutch favourite will store for many weeks in a cool, airy environment. Delicious steamed and perfect for home made coleslaw. Sow Date: Mar-May . Harvest/Flower Date: Oct-Nov

Unwins Carrot Chantenay Red Cored 2 Seeds

One of the most reliable of carrots, which can be cropped for almost five months of the year. The medium size stump roots are evenly shaped and of fine colour. They also store well if cleaned and packed in boxes of dry sand. Sowing & Growing. Sowing Time: Feb-Jun. Harvest From: Jun-Nov.

Unwins Cress Land American Salad Seeds

Land cress is the next best thing to watercress, but does not need running water to produce a delicious crop. It is best in a shady spot, so is good for inter-cropping with taller vegetables. It thrives with plenty of moisture in the soil and the leaves can be picked all year round to add a ‘zing’ to salads. High yielding. Yellow fruit. Sow Date: Mar-Sep. Harvest: All Year Round

Unwins Cucumber Tasty King F1 Seeds

One of the longest cucumbers we know. Grow it either in a greenhouse or outside in the garden – either way you will be rewarded with a heavy crop of good looking, tasty fruits.

Unwins Fennel Perfection Seeds

The swollen leaf bases or ‘bulbs’ are delicious chopped raw in salads or braised and served with fish or meat. They have a texture similar to celery and a taste reminiscent of aniseed. The attractive ferny foliage is also edible and is a great garnish.

Unwins Leek Musselburgh Seeds

Make sure your garden is bursting with stunning flavours and striking colours, make your garden beautiful and grow your own delicious produce. An old favourite, Musselburgh Winter Leeks are easy to grow and incredibly versatile. An exceptionally hardy variety, very reliable and heavy cropping, these winter leeks are hard to beat.

Unwins Lettuce (Cos) Little Gem Seeds

Grow your own for the best flavour and you can eat it minutes after picking. Compact, dark green leaves, with a very solid, crisp and crunchy heart. Extraordinarily sweet and just perfect for individual salads.

Unwins Parsnip Albion F1 Seeds

This is one of the best parsnips around, with smooth, long tapering roots that grow very strongly and evenly. Bred for resistance to Parsnip canker and other diseases, Albion is well suited to organic growing. The excellent sweet flavour improves further after the first frosts.

Unwins Parsnip Improved Hollow Crowned Seeds

Parsnips are so versatile, and deserve to be more popular. This reliable variety produces large, tapering roots of good skin and flesh quality. Sow February - April. Harvest September - February.

Unwins Pea (Early) Early Onward Seeds

Early Onward yields a heavy crop of dark green, blunt ended pods full of delicious peas. It grows to just 60cm (24in) tall, so needs only minimal support. High yielding. Early to crop.