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Wild Things

All WildThings foods are produced to ensure they provide a convenient and economical way of supporting wildlife, whilst also taking into consideration the wider positive environmental impact feeding these foods may have.

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WildThings Swan & Duck Food 1.5kg

WildThings Swan & Duck food is a small, dry pellet that will float on water, remaining accessible on the surface of the water for much longer. While providing the much needed nutrition for your local wildfowl, WildThings Swan & Duck Food also helps prevent the pollution caused when un-eaten food sinks to the bottom of the lake and rots. Carbohydrate-rich foods, such as bread, can seriously harm the health of wildfowl, increasing the risk of deformity, disease and malnutrition. WildThings Swan & Duck Food is an environmentally friendly and wholesome alternative. It is also extremely tasty, so you will quickly become the most popular person at the lake!

WildThings Badger & Fox Food 2Kg

A specially formulated blend of meat, protein, carbohydrates and fats, with added vitamins and minerals. These crunchy, tasty pellets promote good dental health and are the perfect size for foxes and badgers to enjoy. WildThings Badger & Fox Food, together with a dish of water, provides the perfect addition to nature's fare and is best placed in a quiet corner of your garden each evening. Animals quickly learn where to be and at what time, and will soon become regular visitors.

WildThings Hedgehog Food 2kg

WildThings® Hedgehog Food has been specially formulated as a complete meal that will benefit the overall health and wellbeing of Hedgehogs. Containing a carefully selected blend of natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals it is a convenient and economical way of supporting the wildlife in your gardens' natural ECO system. WildThings ® Hedgehog food is best placed in a quiet corner of your garden alongside a dish of water providing the perfect addition to nature's fare. It's also delicious so hedgehogs will become regular visitors.